From Hannibal Lector to Jason Voorhees, there are countless icons of the horror genre who love nothing more than an obsession – either obsessing over a victim or obsessing over murder. Not only does this obsession give the character motivation, but it also provides them with an endless excuse to do the same thing over and over again in subsequent sequels.

Below are four of the best films about obsession. Each entry features a character who is just as dangerous as Michael Myers or Leatherface (if not more so) and this is because their obsession consumes, engulfs and intoxicates them.


One Hour Photo (2002)

Image: ©Fox Searchlight

Featuring a stand-out performance from Robin Williams, One Hour Photo is an intriguing tale of one man’s obsession with a family he longs to be a part of.

Williams plays, Sy ‘the photo guy’ Parrish, a photo technician who envisions a more interesting life than his own, through the photos he develops for strangers. But when that life is threatened, Sy has to do his level best to keep all the pieces in play, even if it means crossing a line.

Misery (1990)

Image: ©Columbia Pictures

Another stand-out performance, but this time via Kathy Bates as the unhinged Annie Wilkes in Misery.

Wilkes is the self-professed ‘Number 1 fan’ of writer, Paul Sheldon and when the pair cross paths, Wilkes’ obsession takes a turn for the worse. She pretends to be his nursemaid, when an accident leaves him bed-bound, but her bedside manner leaves much to be desired.


Fatal Attraction (1987)

Image: ©Paramount Pictures

In Fatal Attraction, Glenn Close plays Alex Forrest, a publishing editor who becomes obsessed with Dan Gallagher (Michael Douglas) – a married man who she engages in an affair with.

Over a short period of time, Alex’s obsession deepens and when faced with rejection she becomes unbalanced. As Alex descends down a dark path, Dan and his family find themselves in her line of fire.

The Invisible Man (2020)

Image: ©Universal Pictures

And finally, In The Invisible Man, a controlling, abusive scientist finds a way to stalk his ex-wife, after he develops a special suit that renders him invisible. He then uses the suit to get close to his victim, while making it seem to the outside world that she is going crazy.


These four films are not only strong examples of obsession, but are also great films in general. If you’re looking for horror movies to become obsessed with, these are the films for you.


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