Over the past week, I’ve posted a number of stories about the ongoing issues surrounding Lethal Weapon – from the departure of Clayne Crawford to Damon Wayans’ comments on the situation. I’ve posted about these subjects as they’re newsworthy and I know people want to follow the story as it unfolds.

Hey, It’s A Stampede! is nothing if not current and informative!

Now that said, moving forward I’ll be selective about what I post in relation to the on-set/off-set comments & stories relating to Lethal Weapon. For example, if a social media war now erupts between former co-stars Clayne Crawford & Damon Wayans, I wont be giving it round-the-clock coverage.


Because It’s A Stampede! is a fun, happy place to share cool stories and newsworthy content. If I have to share bad news, then it will be to update everyone on the sad passing of a beloved celebrity etc.

The Lethal Weapon situation hasn’t transformed into a war of words and it probably won’t – but I’m addressing this now, just in case. I’m not ignoring news, I’m just not looking to go do the route of posting every single comment if things erupt.

Basically what I’m saying is that It’s A Stampede! will not be descending into tabloid territory, hanging off every comment during a (potentially) ongoing dispute for this or any other movie/TV/comic etc. I’ve reported the initial story, along with comments from both actors and now it’s time to move on.

If Crawford responds to Wayans or further more important news is revealed, then I’ll update the previous posts accordingly. And this is how things will follow for any similar stories in the future.