It’s been another busy day on It’s A Stampede! today with news about various TV shows and, oh, what’s this? Yep – here’s news about another one.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Fox is currently working on another revival of TV show, 24!

No, seriously.

24 has more lives than a cat. A cat with a bullet-proof vest and a handgun.

Commenting on the possibility of another series of 24, Fox Television CEO Dana Walden said: “We are developing around the 24 franchise, which frankly we have almost since the show went off the air.”

Walden added: “(24 Producer) Howard Gordon is working with a team of writers. They’re working on one idea we’re pretty excited about.”

I do wonder if that “idea” will centre around a man named Jack and his desire to fight terrorists?

Will 24 return?

If 24 does receive another revival, this will effectively be the third time the show has returned after its original run.

The show originally aired between 2001 and 2010 and spanned 192 episodes and a movie. The series returned in 2014 with 24: Live Another Day and again in 2017 via the reboot, 24: Legacy.

No news on whether or not Kiefer Sutherland would return if this revival develops any further. Although it’s worth remembering that Sutherland’s most recent show, Designated Survivor has just been canned.

So, a show of hands please – who wants to see more from the world of 24? Do you think this show needs another revival or should it be left to rest for a while?

It might also interest you to know that Fox is working on another revival for Prison Break. Seriously.