Over the past few weeks I’ve published a number of posts about The Greatest Showman pointing out just how popular the movie is with audiences – especially UK audiences. However, up until now I’ve not really discussed how inspirational the movie’s soundtrack has become.

From the uplifting anthem, This Is Me to the beautiful Never Enough, the songs from The Greatest Showman have proved just as popular as the movie, resulting in countless cover versions along the way. And today, I thought I’d highlight three of my favourites.

Below I’ve picked out three covers, which are all beautiful, all inspiring and all worth a watch (or three). The covers are performed by America’s Got Talent finalist, Kechi; composer and violinist, Lindsey Stirling; and Eurovision winner, Conchita.

First up is Kechi’s rendition of This Is Me. This Is Me has become somewhat of an anthem for anyone who is different and I think it’s safe to say that Kechi does the song justice – and then some.

Next up it’s a beautiful medley from Lindsey Stirling. This Medley includes A Million Dreams, Never Enough and Rewrite the Stars and is the sort of cover that Stirling has become famous for. Which means, it’s great!

And finally, another cover of This Is Me, this time performed by Conchita. Conchita performed this cover on 31st December 2017 at Germany’s biggest New Years’ Celebration in front of the Brandenburg Gate.

Of course, the above covers are just three examples of the many, many covers that are cropping up online. The Greatest Showman is inspiring some of the greatest covers and I’ve got no doubt there are many more to come.