This is a follow-up to a post I published last weekend titled: The Greatest Showman is still in UK cinemas. The reason for the follow-up is simple: The Greatest Showman is STILL playing in UK cinemas and continues to demonstrate a strong performance.

In a month’s time, The Greatest Showman arrives on Blu-ray, DVD and digital in the UK, yet check the cinema listings this weekend and you’ll see the movie is still listed alongside the likes of Rampage, A Quiet Place and Love, Simon – all new or recent releases. A quick check of today’s listings and in Manchester City Centre (where I live) the movie is playing twice at the local VUE and three times at the ODEON.

Last weekend when I highlighted the success of the film – as well as the accompanying soundtrack album – I mentioned that $56,744,287 of the movie’s overall box office total had come from UK audiences. That total has now risen by an additional $2.5 million dollars this week to $59,128,756.

At present, The Greatest Showman‘s total worldwide box office is $420,438,033; which means the income from UK audiences roughly equates to a 7th of the overall total. Not bad going considering the movie has played in more than 46 territories around the world!

So, if you’re off to see The Greatest Showman today or you plan to see it over the weekend, then you’re the reason it’s still playing in UK cinemas. How awesome is that?