Continuing their existing line of action figures and playsets based on Ghostbusters, Playmobil is now bringing a whole new collection to the table – a line based on The Real Ghostbusters. Yep, the continued popularity of The Real Ghostbusters – plus the fact that the whole show is currently on Netflix – has resulted in this true awesome moment.

Rejoice, Real Ghostbusters fans. Rejoice!

The classic ’80s TV show has inspired four sets, with each set including one Ghostbuster, one ghost and one vehicle.

The sets are as follows:

  • Peter Venkman with Helicopter
  • Egon Spengler with Cage Car
  • Winston Zeddemore with Aqua Scooter
  • Ray Stantz with Skybike

Playmobil’s Real Ghostbusters toys are priced at £17.99 and hit shelves this month.


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