Last September, principal photography got underway on big screen biographical drama, Bohemian Rhapsody. The movie – a biopic focusing on Freddie Mercury and the formation of Queen – has been in the pipeline since 2010 and up until the moment cameras started rolling, has encountered a rocky development.

From 2010 up until late 2017, Bohemian Rhapsody had experienced turbulent times, losing star Sacha Baron Cohen and director Dexter Fletcher at various points in the development stages. Scripting problems had also delayed production and at one point it looked as if the movie was never going to make it before cameras.

And then Bryan Singer was brought in as the director.

When work finally started on Bohemian Rhapsody, things looked like they were moving forward in a positive direction. Rami Malek, Ben Hardy, Gwilym Lee and Joseph Mazzello were all on board as the four members of Queen and Singer was all over social media being very positive about the production.

And then things went wrong again.

In December 2017, three months into filming, director Bryan Singer was fired from the project. The director reportedly clashed with members of the cast and crew and after a couple of unexpected absences, the studio pulled the plug on his involvement.

At the time of Singer’s dismissal, a large chunk of Bohemian Rhapsody had already been filmed – in fact, only two weeks of principal photography remained. The film also had a release date of December 25th 2018 locked in – leaving 20th Century Fox with a bit of pressing concern, to say the least.

So, what the heck is going on?

Well, shortly after Singer was dismissed from production, Dexter Fletcher was (re-)appointed as the film’s director. Coming in at this late stage of production, Fletcher was tasked with having to finish off the filming process, before taking the film through post-production – something he appears to have achieved with no problems.

In January, various cast members posted pictures to social media noting that the movie had finished principal photography. Speaking via Twitter on January 29th, actor Gwilym Lee, said:

“I just wrapped Bohemian Rhapsody. I’m sad. Every moment was a pleasure. Every day was a blessing. One of the all time great experiences of my life. Thanks to all who were part of it.”

Throughout February, things continued to remain quiet, but for once this seems like it is a good thing. No news is good news, right?

Moving into March, things appear to be fine – or at least on track – with producer, Graham King commenting to Collider: “I just cannot wait to get it out there and show everyone and I think people will just fall in love with this film. I just think we’ve got a really major film on our hands.”

So far, 20th Century Fox has not changed the release date of Bohemian Rhapsody, so this suggests the studio is still keen for the picture to meet it’s intended deadline. The change over in director was also relatively swift, so this should mean the picture is pretty much still on track.

So, all good, right?

Well, yes – it appears so anyway.

Over the coming months, we should hear more details about the movie and finally see a trailer. And, so long as 20th Century Fox don’t get cold feet, Bohemian Rhapsody should still be in cinemas this Christmas.

Will it be any good?

Well… that’s another question entirely. Fingers crossed.