With each new entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, we’re introduced to more and more new characters – many of which have already become fully fledged Avengers. But there are still so many comic book Avengers who have yet to become fully-fledged members.

Below is a list of four comic book Avengers who could easily fit into the MCU. The characters below have either appeared in the MCU, or have already appeared on screen, but have yet to be called up as Avengers.

  • Beast – Although Dr. Hank McCoy aka The Beast is best known for being one of the X-Men, in the comics he spent a considerable amount of time as an Avenger. With Disney acquiring the rights back to the X-Men, now would be the perfect time to segue the Beast into an Avengers movie, thus creating a link between the two super teams.
  • Hellcat – Those who follow the Netflix/Marvel show, Jessica Jones are aware that Jessica’s adoptive sister-cum-best friend, Patsy Walker is currently on a journey – a journey that is likely to transform her into the super heroine, Hellcat. Hellcat is a former member of the Avengers. Hellcat could easily provide a crossover between the MCU Netflix shows and the movies. Just sayin’.
  • The Mighty Thor – This one seems so obvious, it almost feels like it will happen – or at least it should! In the comics, The Mighty Thor is the alter-ego of Jane Foster – the former girlfriend of Thor. Foster has already appeared in the MCU via two Thor movies, where she was played by actress, Natalie Portman. Do I need to spell it out any further? After The Avengers 4, retire the current Thor, give Portman something interesting to do with Jane Foster and make The Mighty Thor the star of the next Thor movie.
  • The original Human Torch – No, not Johnny Storm (member of the Fantastic Four), but the original Human Torch, aka the android Torch from the 1930s. This character was given a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it nod during Captain America: The First Avenger (2011), so technically he just needs a bit more screen time (or some cleverly placed flashbacks) to bring him into the fold.

So, those are my choices, but which character would you like to see become an Avenger in a forthcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe movie? Tigra? Sentry? Machine Man? Spider-Woman?

Would you like an existing MCU character to be given Avengers status, or would you like to see some new comic book characters incorporated into the films? Let me know your thoughts.