Broadcaster Jason Inman is no longer working on DC All Access.

The presenter – who has co-hosted DC Entertainment’s online show for four years – is no longer a part of the show. Inman left DC All Access citing “some contract issues.”

Speaking via his YouTube channel, Inman thanked DC Comics and Warner Bros. for allowing him to work on his “dream job”, before providing details behind the recent change in circumstances. In his video titled ‘I’m No Longer on DC All Access’, he said: “You all know that I’ve had opportunities over the years, outside of DC All Access and some of these things were the opposite of what Warner Bros. wanted for me as I was the host of DC All Access. So, it eventually came down to some contract issues and we decided to part ways.”

During the course of the video, Inman makes it clear he holds no grudges with Warner Bros. or DC Comics, but he does admit that he’s disappointed by the decision. He said: “I would have stayed at DC All Access for the next 25 years, because I love those characters and I love those books and it was such a joy to talk about them.”

Inman is quite open in his video and admits he doesn’t know what he will do next – other than spend more time on YouTube creating new content. He said: “I’ve pumped gas before in the past and I wanna say that I really hope I don’t have to go back to pumping gas.”

Whatever happens, on behalf of It’s A Stampede! I wish him luck in his next role, as he proved time-and-time again that he was a great presenter on DC All Access.

You can watch Jason’s full video below…