A new exhibition celebrating the history of DC Comics on the big (and small) screen has opened in the UK.

DC Exhibition: Dawn of Super Heroes takes a look at DC’s on-screen exploits, with a collection of costumes from some of the biggest comic book movies of all-time. The event – which takes place at the London O2 – includes costumes from Superman: The Movie (1978), Batman (1989), The Dark Knight (2008), Suicide Squad (2016) and even TV’s Wonder Woman!

As well as 45 costumes and props, the exhibition also features original drawings and artwork from DC’s past, including more than 200 comic pages and 300 preparatory sketches. Attendees can expect to see work from artists including Alex Ross, Jim Lee, Frank Miller and Bob Kane, amongst others.

Based on an original creation by Art Ludique-Le Musée, Dawn of Super Heroes exhibition runs in chronological order, right through to Justice League (2017). Music from the films and TV shows accompanies the exhibition (and adds to the atmosphere).


An excerpt from the DC Exhibition: Dawn of Super Heroes website, explains:

“Beginning in Metropolis, the home of Superman, one of the original cartoon covers, visitors will get the chance to discover the worlds of all their favourite DC characters and witness awe-inspiring exhibits such as the gallery of Super Villains featuring The Joker, The Penguin and Mr. Freeze as well as an insight into Batman’s fictional world of Gotham City.”

Sounds pretty exciting, right?

Tickets for DC Exhibition: Dawn of Super Heroes are on sale now, via the DC Exhibition website. The exhibition is open in the UK until September 9th 2018.

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