In 1989, animated television sitcom, The Simpsons, aired ‘Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire’ – a Christmas-themed episode of the comedy show. The episode was broadcast in mid-December, to coincide with the holiday season, to give the popular sitcom a splash of festive cheer.

Due to the popularity of the episode, with audiences enjoying this dose of Christmas hilarity, the writing team behind The Simpsons decided to make Christmas episodes a semi-regular thing. Continuing in subsequent years, the show incorporated Christmas episodes into future seasons, providing audiences with a treat to look forward to in December.

But if you’re new to The Simpsons, you love Christmas, and you want to seek out the Christmas episodes of the show, what are the stories you need to look out for? And more importantly, how many Christmas episodes of The Simpsons are there?!

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Every Christmas episode of The Simpsons in order

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During the course of its run, The Simpsons featured 20 Christmas-themed episodes. If you wish to seek out all of the episodes (and you probably should), then simply follow this list:

  • Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire The Simpsons: Season One, Episode One (1989)
  • Marge Be Not Proud The Simpsons: Season Seven, Episode Eleven (1995)
  • Miracle on Evergreen Terrace The Simpsons: Season Nine, Episode Ten (1997)
  • Grift of the Magi The Simpsons: Season Eleven, Episode Nine (1999)
  • Skinner’s Sense of Snow – The Simpsons: Season Twelve, Episode Eight (2000)
  • She of Little Faith – The Simpsons: Season Thirteen, Episode Six (2001)
  • ‘Tis the Fifteenth Season – The Simpsons: Season Fifteen, Episode Seven (2003)
  • Simpsons Christmas Stories – The Simpsons: Season Seventeen, Episode Nine (2005)
  • Kill Gil, Volumes I & II – The Simpsons: Season Eighteen, Episode Nine (2006)
  • The Fight Before Christmas – The Simpsons: Season Twenty-Two, Episode Eight (2010)
  • Holidays of Future Passed – The Simpsons: Season Twenty-Three, Episode Nine (2011)
  • White Christmas Blues – The Simpsons: Season Twenty-Five, Episode Eight (2013)
  • I Won’t Be Home for Christmas – The Simpsons: Season Twenty-Six, Episode Nine (2014)
  • The Nightmare After Krustmas – The Simpsons: Season Twenty-Eight, Episode Ten (2016)
  • Gone Boy – The Simpsons: Season Twenty-Nine, Episode Nine (2017)
  • ‘Tis the 30th Season – The Simpsons: Season Thirty, Episode Ten (2018)
  • Bobby, It’s Cold Outside – The Simpsons: Season Thirty-One, Episode Ten (2019)
  • The Way of the Dog – The Simpsons: Season Thirty-One, Episode Twenty-Two (2020)
  • A Springfield Summer Christmas for Christmas – The Simpsons: Season Thirty-Two, Episode Ten (2020)
  • Manger Things – The Simpsons: Season Thirty-Two, Episode Sixteen (2021)

In addition to the above, The Simpsons also starred in a Christmas-themed short on The Tracey Ullman Show:

  • Simpson Christmas (1988)

Seek out the above episodes through streaming services or via TV re-runs, and you’ll have all the Christmas Simpsons fun you could ever need.



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