In 2002, author Diane Mott Davidson published Catering to Nobody. The book, a murder-mystery novel set in Colorado, focused on a caterer called Goldy Schulz, who finds herself caught up in a murder case, where she is the prime suspect.

In the book, Goldy is tasked with catering for a wake – something she throws herself into with gusto. However, her enthusiasm soon changes when her ex father-in-law is seemingly poisoned, and the food served up by the culinary whiz is quickly called into question.


Upon publication, Catering to Nobody was a hit with readers, paving the way for further stories featuring Goldy. The book also inspired in a Hallmark movie adaptation.

But how many Goldy Schulz novels are there? Well, for all the delicious details about the hit mystery series and more, keep reading!


A list of the Goldy Schulz books in order

Below is a list of all the Goldy Schulz books written by Diane Mott Davidson. The books are listed in publishing order, so if you wish to work your way through the stories in their correct chronology, be sure to follow this list.

  • 1 Catering to Nobody
  • 2 Dying for Chocolate
  • 3 The Cereal Murders
  • 4 The Last Suppers
  • 5 Killer Pancake
  • 6 The Main Corpse
  • 7 The Grilling Season
  • 8 Prime Cut
  • 9 Tough Cookie
  • 10 Sticks & Scones
  • 11 Chopping Spree
  • 12 Double Shot
  • 13 Dark Tort
  • 14 Sweet Revenge
  • 15 Fatally Flaky
  • 16 Crunch Time
  • 17 The Whole Enchilada


If you’re a fan of Diane Mott Davidson’s books or you are just getting into the Goldy Schulz stories, you may wish to know that all of the Goldy Schulz books are currently available to purchase.

The first entry, Catering to Nobody, is available from all good book stores, and can also be found on Amazon US. Here you’ll find all of the other titles in the collection too.



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