In recent years, Hasbro has leaned heavily into releasing toys in retro packaging for its Marvel Legends figures. I’ve previously highlighted this with reviews for Tigra, The Thing, and the Human Torch, all of which have been released in this retro aesthetic.

Today I’m taking a look at yet another figure released in retro packaging, and boy, this one is something truly beautiful to behold. Fellow geeks and toy collectors alike, I present to you the Hobgoblin…


As you can see, this Hobgoblin figure is inspired by the old ‘90s Spider-Man cartoon. But not only does he come housed in retro Spidey packaging, the figure also features the same colour scheme too as his cartoon counterpart too!

I’ll get into the finer details of the figure in a moment, but just for now, take a look at how awesome he is. To say I’ve fallen in love with this figure would be putting it mildly.


Before I get onto the toy itself, let’s talk about that retro packaging, which is essentially an updated take on the old ToyBiz toys of yesteryear. It features similar card art to those iconic figures of the past, and if you collected Spidey toys back in the day, then you will be more than familiar with this look.

The box art tugs on my nostalgia strings like nothing else. Oh, I’ve been impressed with the retro cards on other Marvel Legends figures, but this one seems to hit differently.

Just looking at it reminds me of how excited I got in the ‘90s, when I’d head to the local toy store on the hunt for new figures. The ToyBiz Spider-Man figures were amongst my all-time favourite toys, and seeing them on shelves again, albeit in an updated version, is truly very pleasing.


Now if you’re wondering where I got this figure from, as he doesn’t appear to be in any stores yet, he came directly from Hasbro Pulse – Hasbro’s online store. I pre-ordered the figure a couple of months ago and he turned up today.

This is the first time I’ve ordered anything from Hasbro Pulse, but I must say I am very impressed with the service. I received an email telling me the figure had been dispatched, I was given tracking information regarding delivery, and he arrived bundled up in a suitable sized box and surrounded by protective bubble packaging aplenty (Amazon take note).

I have another item currently on pre-order with Hasbro Pulse – which I’ll no doubt talk about in the fullness of time – but so far, a good experience to begin with.


Back to the Hobgoblin and he is part of a new wave which also includes the following five figures: Spider-Armor MK I, Hammerhead, Symbiote Spider-Man, Ben Reilly Spider-Man, and Shocker. All of these figures look cool (especially Shocker), but Hobgoblin really stands out from the crowd.


Hobgoblin comes packaged up with three accessories, which includes a pumpkin bomb, a satchel/bag, and his goblin glider. With regard to the satchel, in order to fit it to the figure correctly, you will need to remove his hood and cape, but this is easily done and takes mere seconds.

The pumpkin bomb can be positioned into the Hobgoblin’s hand, although I advise using Hobby’s fingers to help keep it in place. This seems to be the best trick.

With regard to the goblin glider, this is where things get a little bit problematic and this is largely down to the size of the glider. In my opinion, it’s not quite large enough.

The glider looks good, but I believe it could benefit from being a little wider. It looks just a touch too small when the figure is stood on top of it, so it’s a shame a small adjustment couldn’t have been made to the size.

Of course, if you can get Hobgoblin to stand on the glider without simply falling over, well done. It took me a few attempts, although I did get there in the end.

The issue is the weight of the figure, combined with the use of foot hooks rather than pegs. The hooks aren’t particularly big, they don’t hold onto the feet very well, and the weight of the figure causes some imbalance.

But yes, it can be done – it just might take you a couple of attempts. Having patience is your friend here.

In terms of the overall look of the figure, he’s fairly cartoon accurate, with a bright orange hood and cloak, yellow gloves, boots, and tunic, and blue arms and legs. Both the glider and satchel are purple, and essentially this is an updated version of his animated counterpart.


When it comes to articulation, there is movement at the ankles, shins, knees, thighs, groin, waist, torso, wrists, elbow, biceps, shoulders, and neck. When you want to position him on top of his glider, you will need to move his ankles into an uncomfortable-looking stance, but this isn’t a problem in terms of articulating the figure.

Once I’d mastered the glider issue, Hobgoblin really came to life. This is a superb Marvel Legends figure and one of my favourites in recent times.

If you adored Spider-Man: The Animated Series, or you simply like Hobby as a character, this figure is a no-brainer. He looks the business, boasts an eye-popping colour scheme, and manages to find the right balance between nostalgia and contemporary collecting.



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