In 2017, the Canadian crime/mystery drama, Frankie Drake Mysteries hit the airwaves. The television show – starring Lauren Lee Smith and Chantel Riley – followed the story of an all-female private detective service, called Frankie Drake Private Detectives.

Set during the 1920s, Frankie Drake Mysteries was based in Ontario, Canada and was led by the eponymous Drake, alongside her friend and partner, Trudy Clarke. Each week, the duo would investigate crimes, often aided by morality officer Mary Shaw and morgue attendant Flo Chakowitz.   

Throughout its run, Frankie Drake Mysteries proved popular with audiences and built up a loyal fan base. But how many episodes of the show were the fans treated to?

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Frankie Drake Mysteries ran for four seasons between 2017 and 2021. Within this time the show clocked up a total of 41 episodes, with the first episode airing on November 6th 2017 and the final episode hitting screens on March 8th 2021.

The first season of the show comprised 11 episodes, while the three subsequent seasons all contained ten episodes a-piece. Should you want to catch up with any episodes you missed, I suggest you take a quick look below for a list of all the episodes from the series.



A list of Frankie Drake Mysteries episodes

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Below is a list of all the Frankie Drake Mysteries episodes from the show’s run. The list is presented in chronological order.

Season One

  • 1) Mother of Pearl
  • 2) Ladies in Red
  • 3) Summer in the City
  • 4) Healing Hands
  • 5) Out of Focus
  • 6) Whisper Sisters
  • 7) Ties That Bind
  • 8) The Pilot
  • 9) Ghosts
  • 10) Anastasia
  • 11) Once Burnt Twice Spied

Season Two

  • 12) The Old Switcheroo
  • 13) Last Dance
  • 14) Radio Daze
  • 15) Emancipation Day
  • 16) Dressed to Kill
  • 17) Extra Innings
  • 18) 50 Shades of Greyson
  • 19) Diamonds are a Gal’s Best Friend
  • 20) Dealer’s Choice
  • 21) Now You See Her

Season Three

  • 22) No Friends Like Old Friends
  • 23) Counterpunch
  • 24) School Ties School Lies
  • 25) A Brother in Arms
  • 26) Things Better Left Dead
  • 27) Life on the Line
  • 28) Out on a Limb
  • 29) Ward of the Roses
  • 30) A History of Violins
  • 31) A Sunshine State of Mind

Season Four

  • 32) Scavenger Hunt
  • 33) Prince in Exile
  • 34) The Girls Can’t Help It
  • 35) A Most Foiled Assault
  • 36) Ghost in the Machine
  • 37) The Guilty Party
  • 38) Life is a Cabaret
  • 39) Sweet Justice
  • 40) Showstoppers
  • 41) A Family Affair


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