Without doubt, John Carpenter’s Halloween (1978) is one of the best-loved horror movies of all time. The film – about a masked killer who stalks a babysitter – is regarded as a classic of the genre, and thanks to its name and setting, it has become a perennial favourite, especially on October 31st.

Because Halloween is so beloved and so well-known, if you were to ask audiences to compile a list of iconic elements from the film, it wouldn’t take too long to jot down a few suggestions. At the top of the list would be the movie’s theme tune, which is so iconic, that it has become an anthem for the holiday season.   

If the theme wasn’t the first thing that came to mind, then it would be the white mask, worn by serial killer, Michael Myers. Next on the list might be Laurie Strode, as played by Jamie Lee Curtis, followed by Dr. Loomis, played by Donald Pleasence.

Perhaps next would be a quote or two from the film. And then, the movie’s tagline: ‘The night he came home!’.

At some point, the list would also include the Halloween movie poster, which has been a mainstay of the franchise for decades. The instantly recognisable poster – which you can see below – includes the image of the knife-wielding hand of Michael Myers, in front of a Jack-o-lantern.

The image has appeared on the front of DVD covers, on T-shirts, postcards, and of course on posters, which have adorned many a bedroom wall. The image is simple, it’s creepy, and it perfectly captures the tone of the movie.


If you’re a Halloween fan, you’ve probably looked at this poster countless times. And if you have, then you will have noticed two things:

  • 1) The shape of the fist clutching the knife is replicated across the top of the Jack-o-lantern.
  • 2) The shape of the blade is replicated across the bottom of the Jack-o-lantern.

But do you notice anything else?

Take a look at the hand. Can you see it?


Can you see the face that appears in the hand? No? Then pay close attention to the knuckles.

If you look just below the first knuckle you can see an eye, while if you look below the second you will see a nose. A mouth can be seen between the third and fourth knuckle.  

An intentional treat? A trick of the mind? That’s for you to decide! But if you’ve never noticed this face before, it certainly adds a new dimension of terror into the poster, doesn’t it?

And now that you have seen the face, you will never unsee it!



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