You will have seen his name mentioned whenever a new Marvel Studios movie is released, and you will certainly recognise his face, but do you know what Kevin Feige’s job is?

If you instantly said ‘Marvel Studios’ Big Cheese’ you are close – because Kevin Feige is a key mover and shaker at Marvel; but that’s not his job title. Although, can we just take a moment to recognise how much fun it would be to have ‘Big Cheese’ as your official job title!

*Takes moment*

*Enjoys moment*

*Moves on*

Sorry, where was I? Oh, yes – Kevin Feige’s job title.

Kevin Feige is the Chief Creative Officer of Marvel Entertainment. Feige has been in this prestigious role since October 2019, having previously undertaken the role of Marvel Studios President.

So, what’s the difference and what does his role entail?


As Marvel Studios President from 2007 to 2019, Feige oversaw 23 Marvel Studios movies and helped turn them all into box office successes (and box office No.1s). Feige was the President of the Studio and called most of the shots.

As Chief Creative Officer for Marvel Entertainment from October 2019 onward, Feige now oversees the movie division of Marvel, along with the television output and the comics division. His role is to ensure a greater synergy between the three different areas of Marvel Entertainment.


Before Feige was appointed in his role, the creative and financial decisions at Marvel Studios, Marvel Television, and Marvel Comics were all handled separately and by separate bosses. With Feige now in charge of the three, Marvel Entertainment is able to provide fans with a much more rewarding experience, with stronger, more focused connections across the board.

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