Every day, I flick open social media, I scroll through the news, and I search high and low, and far and wide for information on the sequel to Turbo Kid (2015) – the awesome retro sci-fi film, from the directing trio of François Simard, Anouk Whissell and Yoann-Karl Whissell.

But my search continues to remain pretty empty. So far, other than the fact that Turbo Kid 2 is in production, no real news about the sequel has surfaced.


Ah well, to help tide us all over until the arrival of Turbo Kid 2 (which I’m praying is sooner rather than later), here is ‘No Tomorrow‘ – a video short featuring the character, Apple.

No Tomorrow‘ is a fantastic music video, which acts as a prequel to Apple’s story. The video is directed by RKSS, with music from Le Matos (featuring PAWWS) and is worth a watch even if you’ve never seen Turbo Kid!

And if you haven’t watched Turbo Kid, then what the heck have you been doing with your life?! Get watching it!!

The film is a post-apocalyptic action movie, which pays homage to the 1980s and is clearly inspired by the Mad Max series. It is also pretty funny too.

So, if you are at a loose-end in the next few days, give Turbo Kid a watch. I guarantee you’ll fall in love with it, then you can sit and wait (im)patiently for the sequel… just like me.

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