‘80s-inspired electro music is really hot right now. Over the last few years, TV shows such as Stranger Things have embraced the electro era, as have movies like Thor: Ragnarok (2017), Turbo Kid (2015) and Summer of ‘84 (2018).

This particular style of music is strongly associated with the 1980s, which is a decade that shows no signs of loosing popularity. And nor should it, when it’s inspiring pretty damn awesome content.

And speaking of something which is pretty damn awesome, below is a slice of electro-inspired perfection courtesy of The Midnight.

The video is ‘Nocturnal‘ – a 40-minute jaunt into an intoxicating world of smooth synth tunes and laid back vibes.

Composed of the tracks: ‘Shadows’, ‘Crystalline’, ‘Collateral’, ‘River of Darkness’, ‘Nocturnal’, ‘Light Years’ and ‘Tokyo Night Train’, this collection of electro music is mesmerising.


If you want something relaxing to listen to during stressful times, or you simply want an excuse to recall the electro era, then give this a whirl. This is some damn fine music, which is sure to put you in a good mood or could simply give you a 40-minute burst of nostalgia.

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