Think you know all there is to know about Space Jam, do ya? Well, I’m about to tell you something that will shock you to your core and make you feel both looney and er… tuney.

Prepare yourself. There is one thing you simply must know about Space Jam.

Until very, very, very recently, the Space Jam website was still active.


Yep, I’m talking about the original Space Jam website from 1996. The same website that was set up to promote the movie way back when dial-up, AOL, and chat rooms were a thing.

Until recently, the site looked exactly as you’d expect a ’90s site to look – because it simply hadn’t changed! Although, it now appears to have been retired, it lived through the ’90s, the ’00s and the ’10s!

The Space Jam website was filled with content about the movie, from cast bios and basketball terminology, to games, production notes and even a list of US radio stations playing ‘Fly Like An Eagle’ – a Seal track featured on the Space Jam soundtrack album.

The Space Jam site stood as a little echo of the past, so now that it is gone I hope the imagery above at least brings you fond memories.

No one really wants the Jam to end. So let’s hope it returns to us… one day.


I am a big fan of Space Jam and I can’t wait for the long-awaited sequel to hit cinema screens. Yep, Space Jam 2 is coming, it’s just taken a while to get off the ground.

In the meantime, if you want to revisit the original, Space Jam is available on home video. The Space Jam Blu-ray can be purchased from Amazon.

And speaking of the original Space Jam, did you know that Ghostbusters director, Ivan Reitman was one of the producers of Space Jam? Well, he was!

So as well as featuring an appearance by original GB actor, Bill Murray, Space Jam also shares Reitman!

I just thought you’d like to know.


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