Evening folks, I hope everyone is keeping well – or as well as you can be. Just a little update in light of the current situation with the coronavirus.

I’m UK based and at present the UK is working its way through this pandemic like everyone else. I live in Manchester, England and while England is not in a lockdown situation at the moment, who knows what is coming in the days ahead.

I am hoping for the best – as I know we all are.

Regular readers will have noticed that over the past few days I have provided updates regarding some of this year’s big movie releases, which have now been postponed (Fast and Furious 9, Mulan etc). If many more big releases get pushed back (and I expect they will) I will pop an update on It’s A Stampede!.

And yeah… that’s all I have to say really.

Basically this update is to say I will be continuing to post on It’s A Stampede!, so it is business as usual from me. And if you don’t see any new updates for a while, it is likely that I am simply working on one of my other blogs.

If you find yourself stuck in doors, self-isolating, then be sure to take a look around this blog – it is loaded with posts to keep you occupied. Alternatively, now is as good a time as any to take a look through my Batman blog: I’ll Get Drive-Thru.

There are now more than 160 posts up on the blog, answering various questions about the Batman movies, with a few posts about the comics and TV shows too. Head on over, take a look and give your brain something to do for an hour – it might help!

Of course, most important of all, stay safe and look out for other people.