It had to happen, didn’t it? Disney is to delay the release of Mulan and The New Mutants.

The reason? The coronavirus, of course!

The news follows the delay/postponement of No Time To Die, Peter Rabbit 2, A Quiet Place II and Fast and Furious 9.

Mulan was due to hit cinema screens at the end of this month. The New Mutants was set to arrive in April.

No word on when the films will reappear in the schedule. At this point, Hollywood is pretty much playing things by ear.

Disney was set to hold a red carpet premiere for Mulan tonight in Leicester Square, but the event was scaled back in light of the virus. Its release was already looking very unlikely after its debut in China was put on hold, so tonight’s news is not that surprising.

As for The New Mutants… well, this the oft-discussed X-Men spin-off which was shot in 2017… *sigh* and may never see the light of day. Honestly, this film has been delayed so much that I’m no longer convinced the movie even exists.

But in all seriousness, the decision to delay these films has not been taken lightly – both have been heavily advertised in recent weeks.

Expect more films to be postponed in the coming days. All eyes are now on Black Widow and Wonder Woman 84.

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