Earlier today, The Hunt arrived in UK cinemas. The controversial film tells the story of a group of strangers who wake up in the woods, only to discover they are being hunted by the wealthy elite.

The story may sound familiar, and that is because it is loosely based on Richard Connell’s short story, The Most Dangerous Game. The story focuses on an American game hunter who is hunted by a Russian aristocrat on an isolated island.

The Most Dangerous Game has been adapted various times, even most recently in issues of Marvel’s The Amazing Spider-Man comic. In this take on the story, it is many of Spidey’s foes who are hunted.

But the story has also been adapted by Marvel for television, for the popular ’70s/’80s series, The Incredible Hulk. The episode, The Snare, appeared during the third season of the show and is, in my opinion, one of the best episodes of the series.

Written by Richard Christian Matheson & Thomas E. Szollosi, and directed by Frank Orsatti, The Snare originally aired on December 7th 1979. If you want to check it out, it is currently available as part of The Incredible Hulk Season Three boxset on DVD, and it can also be purchased as an individual episode through digital platforms (Amazon, iTunes etc).



The Incredible Hulk – The Snare

Image: ©Marvel/Universal

The story begins at an airport where David Banner (in the guise of David Bennet) is waiting for a flight to Miami. Banner gets into a conversation with Michael Sutton – a seemingly mild mannered man who is waiting for his private plane to be fixed.

Sutton is a wealthy man, who owns an island paradise where he spends most of his time after retiring from the rat race. When Banner’s flight is cancelled due to a tropical storm, Sutton proposes a suggestion: Come to the island for the evening until the storm passes.

Banner accepts, and flies to the island as Sutton’s guest. During the evening, Banner and Sutton eat dinner, drink wine, and partake in a game of chess. That is, until Banner passes out, after being drugged by his host.

The next morning, Banner wakes up to discover he is the unwitting participant in a game of survival. Sutton brought Banner to the island as his his prey, and he plans to hunt his victim in a game of survival.

Sutton is an expert hunter, who knows he will take great pleasure in chasing Banner across the island. But what Sutton doesn’t know is that Banner hides a secret – when he gets angry, he transforms into the Hulk.



A most dangerous game indeed

Image: ©Marvel/Universal

The Snare is a fantastic episode of The Incredible Hulk, which provides 50 minutes of captivating entertainment. It takes the premise of The Most Dangerous Game and wraps it around a story which works perfectly for the Hulk.

Most important of all, The Snare introduces a villain who actually poses a real threat to Banner/Hulk – something the series often struggled with. Sutton’s cold, calculated approach to hunting turns him into a memorable foe, and one that needs more than the brute strength of the Hulk to defeat.

If you get the opportunity to watch The Snare, give it a whirl. You don’t need to have watched every episode that comes before, it works perfectly well as a standalone story.


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You may also like to know that you can pick up the entire series of The Incredible Hulk as a Blu-ray boxset. The set includes all of the television episodes from Season One to Season Five.

The Incredible Hulk Blu-ray boxset can be picked up from entertainment retailers, including Amazon UK. The boxset is Region B.

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