Earlier today I headed to my local Forbidden Planet store for a browse. It’s Saturday, it’s still grey outside (sigh), and I like to have a little look around the comic shop(s) on a weekend as I’m interested to see all the new arrivals.

Today I was overjoyed when I entered the store, because to my surprise Forbidden Planet had the entire wave of Fantastic Four Funko Pop! figures in stock! I knew that the figures were on the horizon – having seen them previewed on Funko’s social media channels back in 2019 – but I didn’t expect to see them today.


Amazon currently have the FF figures listed with a release date towards the end of the month, so I figured that it would be another couple of weeks before I saw them in shops. So imagine my surprise when I was greeted by not one, but the entire wave of figures!

There are ten figures in Funko’s Fantastic Four wave: Mister Fantastic (557), Invisible Girl (558), Human Torch (559), The Thing (560), Doctor Doom (561), Mole Man (562), Silver Surfer (563), H.E.R.B.I.E (564), Galactus (565), and Super-Skrull (566) – all pictured below. In addition, Funko have also released a Thing variant figure (not pictured), which has the character striking a different pose and wearing a trench coat.

I’ve collected Funko figures for years, picking and choosing figures that catch my eye, but I have never wanted to collect an entire wave of figures before. I do with this FF collection!

Of course, I couldn’t shell out for an entire wave of figures today – these guys retail at £10.99 a pop! So, after much consideration (as I really wanted to pick up Super-Skrull), I opted for the FF’s most iconic character – the ever-lovin’ blue-eyed Thing! Although, he has black eyes on the figure…

How cool does he look?!

The figure sports The Thing’s classic look and is incredibly detailed. He is also a very tactile figure and I can’t help but keep picking him up!

But apart from the awesomeness of this figure (and it is pretty awesome), why am I so damn excited about these Fantastic Four toys?

Because there has barely been any new FF products in the last decade!


The much publicised disagreement between Marvel and 20th Century Fox over the Fantastic Four films resulted in Marvel putting a stop to Fantastic Four merchandise (no toys, comics, T-shirts etc for a very long time). However, in recent years – and largely thanks to Disney buying 20th Century Fox – the ban on the Fantastic Four products has been lifted and FF toys are now finally trickling into stores.

And aware of the shortfall in FF toys, Funko has ensured this first wave is tip-top, presenting ten iconic Fantastic Four figures, without any filler material. OK, so not everyone will be familiar with H.E.R.B.I.E, but he plays an interesting part in FF lore and I’m glad he’s included in this collection.

So, if you want to pick up a Fantastic Four Funko figure, then start hitting the shops today! These figures are so cool (they’re some of Funko’s best work) and now is the time for fans to show Marvel that we are happy to see the FF back on toy shelves.

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