Guardians of the Galaxy director, James Gunn is currently hard at work on The Suicide Squad for Warner Bros./DC Entertainment. The film – a follow-up to 2016’s Suicide Squad – was offered to Gunn during the period in which he was fired by Disney.

As is now common knowledge, Gunn has since been rehired by Disney to work on Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.3. However, that film will have to wait until the director has delivered The Suicide Squad which is due out in 2021.

While the full details of The Suicide Squad remain a closely guarded secret, Gunn has recently revealed a few interesting titbits via his Instagram account. Over the past few days, the director has answered a series of questions from his followers via Instagram stories, which provide a few interesting insights into his relationship with Warner Bros./DC Entertainment and Disney/Marvel Studios.

First and foremost, while there is a perceived rivalry between the studios, Gunn has suggested that Disney don’t have a problem with him working on a DC property. When asked by one follower, “How is it possible that you work for Marvel and DC??”, Gunn replied: “I said (to Disney/Marvel Studios) I’m doing The Suicide Squad for DC. They said no problem! So I said OK!”

Image: ©James Gunn

Another follower asked: “Were you offered another movie along with The SS to direct when WB approached you?” Gunn replied: “I was basically offered whatever I wanted. I most wanted to do Squad.”

So, it would appear that when Disney fired Gunn, Warner Bros approached the director with the opportunity to do whatever he wanted. From the sounds of things, the studio wanted Gunn – it didn’t matter what film he chose to do, so long as he would work with them.

And it wasn’t just a case of Warner Bros. hiring Gunn, then giving him a list of objectives for their Suicide Squad sequel. According to Gunn “I have had complete freedom which is why I’m making #thesuicidesquad.”

Gunn recently revealed his cast line-up for The Suicide Squad, which included some returning cast members (Margot Robbie, Jai Courtney etc) , as well as some newbies (Idris Elba, Taika Waititi). So far, there has been no mention of Jared Leto’s involvement in this picture, so it would appear that the film will be Joker-free.

But will the Joker appear? Well, Gunn has made it clear that only a few people know who will/won’t appear in his movie – and this doesn’t rule out Joker. That said, as the director has pointed out, the Joker isn’t a Suicide Squad character, so there is no real reason to be in the film.

So, could Gunn put the Clown Prince of Crime in his movie, should he wish? Apparently so.

One follower asked: “What tiny/unknown characters would you have loved to include in Suicide Squad but couldn’t?” To which Gunn replied: “There was no one I was told I couldn’t include.”

A further question asked Gunn if there was “a limit to the kind of characters (he) could use in The Suicide Squad?” Gunn said: “Nope (well I mean no Marvel characters).”

So, if Gunn wants the Joker in his movie (and Jared Leto wants to reprise the role) then the option is there.

Image: ©James Gunn

These exchanges between Gunn and his social media followers have demonstrated that Warner Bros. clearly have faith that the director will deliver. Not surprising really, when you consider how successful his two Guardians movies have been.

These Q&As also make it clear Disney/Marvel are happy to have him back on board and are in no rush for Guardians 3. The script is already complete, so once Gunn is free he can get to work on this next project – no drama.

As someone who is a fan of both Guardians movies, I am happy to wait for Gunn’s return to Marvel and in the meantime, I look forward to what he will serve up with The Suicide Squad. With regards to the inclusion of the Joker, I don’t think he is necessary for the movie, so unless he fits the story I am happy if he is left out.

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