A few moments ago I posted a round-up of my recent trip to Barry Potter Fairs. I now want to follow up that post with another toy related story.

This time it concerns a vintage ThunderCats action figure that has just sold on eBay. The toy in question is The Stinger – a somewhat hard to find figure from the ThunderCats line.

Loose Stinger figures occasionally crop up on eBay and sell for around £100 – sometimes more, sometimes less. Carded Stinger figures are rarer – especially in good condition – and can sell for much more.


This week, while having a little browse through eBay (a late night pastime to help my insomnia), I came across a seller who had a carded Stinger figure for sale. This figure was being sold under the listing: Vintage 1987 LJN Thundercats The Stinger Ram-pagers Figure MOC Rare.

The figure was in good condition, and was listed with a description that read: “Vintage carded figure, card has dented bottom corners, slight edge dents and scuffs. Sticker.” As you can see, it looks to be in damn good condition.

Image: ©eBay/Joblack16

Personally, I’ve never seen one of these figures in person. I go to a lot of toy fairs and conventions and have simply not come across one.

Keen to see how much this carded Stinger would sell for, I decided to watch the item. I figured it would do well, and certainly take more than £100.

On Sunday, the listing came to an end. It received a total of ten bids and sold to a private seller.

So, how much did it go for?

The mint-on-card Stinger sold for a whopping £670!

Image: ©eBay/Joblack16

So, who is the Stinger and why did this figure sell so well?

The Stinger was a toy that was introduced into the final wave of LJN’s ThunderCats figures. He was part of the Ram-pagers collection, which included the Driller (also hard to find) and the Mad Bubbler (never produced).

The reason the Stinger is a sought-after figure is because the final wave of ThunderCats toys was released when interest had dropped off in the line, meaning fewer kids bought him. He was also a character who did not appear in the cartoon – so once again, kids were less fussed about picking him up.


If you have a Stinger sitting in your basement, your loft, or tucked away in a box in your garage, now might be the time to dig him out. There’s money to be made in vintage toys, especially if they are in good condition like this one.

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