Over the years, certain films have been recommended to me. A Night at the Roxbury is one of those movies.

Although I should point out it has always been recommended in a “it’s not great, but it’s fun” kind of way. But still, a recommendation is a recommendation, right?

Due to all these recommendations it was only a matter of time until I got around to watching A Night at the Roxbury; but what has prompted the desire to watch it today?

Erm… A Night at the Roxbury has recently been added to Amazon Prime Video, making it easy for me to view.

However, there is another reason – and it is Spider-Man related.


You may have seen some recent photos from the Spider-Man: Far From Home premiere. Photos of actors Tom Holland and Jake Gyllenhaal decked out in rather striking suits. The suits (see below) were a nod to A Night at the Roxbury.

If this isn’t reason enough to finally watch this movie, then I don’t know what is! If it’s good enough for Tom and Jake, then it’s good enough for me.

So, here goes – I’m watching A Night at the Roxbury for the first time. Will I like it? I hope so.


*Clicks play*

1min – 30mins: I’m mildly entertained. Mildly. But I have nothing to say about the first 30mins.

Image: ©Paramount Pictures

30 mins: A Night at the Roxbury has a great ’90s soundtrack (N-Trance, Ace of Base etc), as well as a Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion kind of vibe, but I’m not quite sold on the movie yet. Maybe I need more time?

32 mins: THIS DANCE ROUTINE IS BRILLIANT!!!!!! I LOVE THIS DANCE ROUTINE!!!!! This is a great moment in the movie.

*The excitement of the dance routine wears off*


35mins: Yeah, this film isn’t working. It has fun moments here and there (including THAT DANCE ROUTINE), but it’s more miss than hit.

Erm… unless I’m simply not getting this movie?!

Maybe that’s it. Maybe I just don’t get this film.

*Looks up the film’s rating online, to see its critical reception*

  • IMDb rating – 6.2/10
  • Rotten Tomatoes rating – 11% (an audience score of 69%)
  • Metacritic rating – 26 (out of 100)

Oh dear. Perhaps a lot of people don’t get this movie. Who the heck keeps recommending it (to me)?

*Takes a deep breath*

36mins – 80mins: Genuinely bored. Nothing is exciting me.

Image: ©Paramount Pictures

81mins: You know, ‘What is love?’ by Haddaway has been played five times in this movie! FIVE TIMES!!!

Six times if you include the remix that appears at the very end of the credits, after the regular version! As much as I love ‘What is love?’, that’s an excessive amount of Haddaway for an 81-minute movie! What were the makers of this film thinking?

Come to think of it, why do I care? Haddaway is the best thing about this movie. The rest is rubbish.

*Clicks stop*


As noted above, A Night at the Roxbury shares a few similarities with Romy and Michelle, but it’s no Romy and Michelle. Instead it is a lame joke in desperate need of a punchline.

A Night at the Roxbury gets points for including a couple of appearances from Stifler’s mom (aka actress Jennifer Coolidge) but that’s about it. It’s rubbish and is not something I will ever return to.

Final verdict: A Night at the Roxbury gets an It’s A Stampede! rating of SHIT!

What do you mean, “there’s no such thing as an It’s A Stampede! rating?” There is now!


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