I have never watched The Dark Crystal. I have tried to watch the movie on two occasions previously, but didn’t get very far into the film before giving up.

The first time I attempted to watch the movie I believe I managed around ten minutes before I got bored. It was one of those times when I simply wasn’t in the mood to watch something quite like The Dark Crystal, so I probably shouldn’t have attempted it.

A few years passed and I decided to give it another go. So many people seemed to like it (and suggested I would like it too), so I figured it deserved another chance to grab my attention.

On my second attempt I progressed a little further with the film – I think I managed about 20 minutes – but unfortunately, my feelings didn’t change. I found it very slow going and I still couldn’t get into it.


After two failed viewings I figured that me and The Dark Crystal were just not meant to be. As much as I love the works of the late Jim Henson (Labyrinth, The Muppets etc), this is one of his pieces that just hasn’t connected.

So why am I attempting this film for a third time? Because I believe it is time to finish what I started, and decide once and for all if The Dark Crystal is as good as people tell me.

So, will it be third time lucky?

Let’s find out.


*Clicks play*

Early observations:

There is some seriously frightening stuff in this movie. Not only is the tone very dark, the Skeksis are gruesome!

Image: ©Universal Pictures

Jeez, what are these weird beetle things?!

And what the heck is this dog thing with all the teeth?

Image: ©Universal Pictures

OK, so nightmare fuel and creepy content aside, the level of detail in this movie is incredible. I can see why so many people admire it. I LOVE Labyrinth (the spiritual companion to The Dark Crystal) and always thought that film was packed full of detail, but I think this one goes even little further.


Additional observations:

The Chamberlain scares me. I don’t know if he’s trustworthy or not. He claims to want peace, by terrifying the living crap out of everyone!

Image: ©Universal Pictures

*A short while later*

The Chamberlain has just tried to kill Jen. I now know he’s not trustworthy.


*Checks time*

I’m already into the final twenty minutes of the movie and I can safely say:

a.) I’ve watched more of this film this time around than I ever have before.

b.) I can appreciate this movie on a technical level – it really is a stunning display of creativity.

Yes, I’m appreciating The Dark Crystal “on a technical level”… but I’m still not really into it. I can totally see the appeal, but it just doesn’t do anything for me.

*Clicks stop*


The Dark Crystal deserves the praise it receives. The skill and creativity on display in this film is outstanding and watching it takes me back to the fantasy films I watched growing up (Return of the Jedi, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Masters of the Universe, Krull etc).


I simply don’t think this is a film for me. Perhaps if I had watched this movie as a child I would have a deeper connection with it, but viewing it now as *cough* a 37-year-old *cough*, I’m not all that interested with it.

It might be the tone – it’s all very serious and perhaps I could do with a little humour to lighten the load. Then again, it may simply be me and I just don’t gel with it.


Either way, The Dark Crystal is a good movie and I understand why it has the fanbase it has, but it’s not one I will return to in a hurry. Sorry to all those Dark Crystal fans out there.

At least I finally watched it!


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