Yesterday, The Mandalorian panel took place at Star Wars Celebration 2019. Over the course of an hour, the show’s creative team, Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni, along with cast members Pedro Pascal, Carl Weathers and Gina Carano, talked a little about the new series.

Footage of The Mandalorian was shown during the panel… but alas, it was not shown to streamers. However, here are the other highlights of the panel:

  • The Mandalorian is a project which has been in the works for over a decade and it is inspired by the concluding events of Return of the Jedi. Jon Favreau said: “I have been working on this idea for a long time, because it was really compelling to me what happens after the celebration of the Empire falling – the revolution is successful and then what happens? Because if you look throughout history, it’s fun at first but it gets very complicated very quickly.”
  • The show also takes inspiration from the “Scum and villainy” of the Mos Eisley Cantina scene from Star Wars: A New Hope, as well as general imagery from Westerns and Samurai movies.
  • Pedro Pascal called playing the role of the Mandalorian, “fantasy fulfilment”.
  • According to Pascal, the Mandalorian is a “Mysterious, lone, gunfighter in the outer reaches of the galaxy.” He added that his morals are “questionable” and that he is a “badass”.
  • Gina Carano plays an ex-Rebel shock trooper.
  • Carl Weathers plays the head of a guild of bounty hunters. He hires the Mandalorian to “do what needs to be done.”
  • All of the directors selected to work on the show are fans of Star Wars. This was a stipulation if you wanted to be a part of the directing team.
  • The Mandalorian’s ship is called the Razor Crest. It looks like an “old army surplus gunship.”
  • The character of the Mandalorian has “a lot of Clint Eastwood in him”, according to Pedro Pascal.

Should you want to watch the panel in full, here it is…

The Mandalorian will be available to stream in the US on Disney+ from November. No news just yet on where it will stream in the UK.