I’ve previously mentioned how my husband is a HUGE fan of the online Dungeons & Dragons show, Critical Role. So much so, that he’s just made me aware of a pretty impressive feat that has just been achieved by the show.

Let me explain.

The team behind Critical Role have just launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund an animated special. The special is to feature the voice talents of the CR crew and will revolve around their group, Vox Machina.

In order to fund the special, the guys at Critical Role have asked for pledges, with the aim of reaching £566,620 (roughly $750,000). The Kickstarter began at 6pm UK time and within an hour surpassed the goal.

But this isn’t the amazing feat.

I’m looking at the total now and at around 7:30pm (an hour and a half after the Kickstarter went live) the total has reached more than £1 million (approx $1,316,845) and it’s still going!

This Kickstarter campaign is insanely popular and it still has 45 days to go!


I’m vaguely aware of Critical Role‘s popularity because of my husband, but I didn’t quite realise how popular this show is. I get a feeling many major studios and/or networks will be paying close attention to this achievement and will be wondering how they can make money off this show… or one like it.