Last year, with the exception of one toy fair and a horror film festival, I was unable to attend many of the big events of 2018. This year I plan to correct this oversight by throwing myself into as many geekfests as I can.

Tomorrow, I will be attending a 40th anniversary screening of Superman: The Movie with special guest, Jeff East (aka ‘young Clark Kent’) and in March, I’ll be attending my first comic con of 2019 – Comic Con liverpool!

The con – organised by Monopoly Events – has a good line-up of guests, covering a bunch of genre shows & movies, many of which are from the ’80s & ’90s. The line-up includes Steve Guttenberg, Adam Baldwin, Eric Roberts, Rocky star, Burt Young and a whole heap of Power Rangers actors, including Bulk & Skull stars, Jason Narvy and Paul Schrier.

But for me, the main reason I’m heading to this con is because Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman stars, Dean Cain and Teri Hatcher will both be appearing at the con!

I’ve met Dean Cain previously at a con, but never Teri Hatcher. In fact, to the best of my knowledge, I don’t think Cain and Hatcher have appeared at a UK con together.

As a HUGE fan of Lois & Clark, I am SO excited for this convention. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a cheap affair, and I’m still of the opinion that con pricing is getting WAAAAAAAAYYYYY out of hand, but I simply couldn’t pass up this opportunity – especially since I live so close to Liverpool.

Anyway, the con/event/festival season is officially on! Let the good times roll!