Amy Adams is no longer Lois Lane – or at least, that’s what Adams believes.

The actress, who has played the role of Lois Lane since 2013’s Man of Steel, is under the belief that she’s no longer involved with the DC movies. She announced the news during a conversation with Aquaman (2018) actress, Nicole Kidman.

Speaking to Kidman in a one-to-one interview for Variety’s Actors on Actors series, Adams said: “I think I’m out of the DC Universe. I was in it for a while.”

She added: “I think (Warner Bros. are) revamping that – I don’t know the details.”

Adams’s admission matches up with news that broke earlier this year which suggested Henry Cavill is no longer Superman. Although Warner Bros. Pictures downplayed the story about Cavill, the studio didn’t exactly dismiss the news, leading many to believe it was true. 

With Adams now admitting she is unsure if she’s in or out of the DC Universe, it seems to add more fuel to the fire that the Superman series as we know it (and the Justice League series) is over. Personally I’m not bothered about losing the existing DC movies, but as with Cavill I’m sad to see Adams go – she was a good Lois Lane.

Ah, well.