Creed II is out on general release – I’ve just talked about it on It’s A Stampede! – but what about all of the other Rocky/Creed films? What happened in Rocky IV (1985) or Creed (2015)?

Well, if you don’t know then fear not for I can tell you! If you don’t have time to watch the movies I can fill you in with my handy guide: The Rocky/Creed series in less than 300 words.

And now for the *SPOILER* warning.

This guide details what happens in Creed II. If you want to remain spoiler free then don’t read any more.

Here we go…

  • Rocky (1976) – Rocky Balboa, a southpaw boxer, takes part in a boxing match with Apollo Creed, the heavyweight world champion. Although seemingly mismatched, Rocky manages to last 15 rounds against Creed.
  • Rocky II (1979) – Rocky marries girlfriend, Adrian who becomes pregnant with Rocky’s Son, Robert. Creed asks Rocky for a rematch, which eventually he agrees to and wins.
  • Rocky III (1982) – Newcomer, Clubber Lang challenges Rocky to a match. Creed – who is now friends with Rocky – trains his former opponent and watches as Rocky defeats Lang.
  • Rocky IV (1985) – Creed challenges Soviet boxer, Ivan Drago to a match. Creed dies. Rocky fights Drago and wins.
  • Rocky V (1990) – Rocky befriends and trains a new fighter, Tommy Gunn – alienating his son, Robert in the process. Eventually, Rocky and Gunn come to blows and Rocky tries to repair his relationship with his son.
  • Rocky Balboa (2006) – Rocky is now retired, he’s a widower and is estranged from his son. He comes out of retirement to fight Mason Dixon. Rocky holds his own, with both fighters still standing at the end of the match, but Dixon is announced as the winner.
  • Creed (2015) – Adonis Creed – son of Apollo – enlists Rocky to help him fight world light heavyweight champion ‘Pretty’ Ricky Conlan. Rocky agrees, but is also dealing with his own mortality – having been diagnosed with cancer. The Conlan/Creed match goes the distance, with Conlan winning on a split decision.
  • Creed II (2018) – Viktor Drago – son of Ivan – challenges Creed to a match. Ultimately, Ivan throws in the towel to protect his son, leading to a win for Creed. Rocky is in remission and begins to rebuild his relationship with Robert.

And now you know.

OK, so I condensed the Rocky/Creed story considerably, missing key characters such as Mickey and Paulie in the process, but in essence that’s the story.