This morning a thought popped into my head concerning Superman and the recent news regarding Henry Cavill’s exit from the role of the Man of Steel. And that though went as follows…

If DC is no longer pushing Superman movies, is now the time for a Tyler Hoechlin Superman series?

Those who follow the Arrowverse TV shows know that for the last couple of years actor, Tyler Hoechlin has played the role of Superman on the Supergirl series. However, Hoechlin’s appearances have been limited and always at the discretion of DC Entertainment.

In short: DC don’t like multiple versions of the same character appearing at once. As such, the company has only allowed Hoechlin’s Superman to make sporadic appearances on Supergirl so not to take the focus away from Cavill’s big screen Superman.

The restrictions placed on Hoechlin have not only impacted the character’s appearances on Supergirl, they have also stopped The CW greenlighting a Superman TV series – despite pleas from fans. It’s such a shame because Hoechlin is great in the role, he’s making a fantastic Superman and he’s made it known he’d love to play the character a bit more.

Superman returns?

Later this year, Hoechlin will return to the role of Superman for the three-night Arrowverse crossover that runs across one episode of Arrow, The Flash and Supergirl. When Superman reappears he will be bringing Lois Lane along for the ride too.

When the news was first announced that Lois Lane was being included in the crossover I simply thought, ‘great, we’re finally getting to see Lois’, but now I’m questioning if this isn’t an example of DC loosening up its hold over Superman. If DC/Warner Bros. have no more movie plans for Superman at present, could this be the reason they’re now allowing Lois Lane to make her debut on Supergirl?

Could DC/Warner Bros. have allowed this move because they knew that Cavill’s days were numbered? Should we have seen the signs?

Although there’s still no concrete news regarding the future of the big screen Superman, it’s fair to say we’re not going to get a new movie any time soon and possibly not for at least another few years. Maybe now is the time for Hoechlin to finally have his time in the spotlight with his own Superman series!

At the very least, maybe it’s time to give Hoechlin a bit more screentime on Supergirl. If DC/Warner Bros. are going to waste Cavill’s Superman they might as well do something positive with Hoechlin’s.