It’s been a busy day today, but I couldn’t let the night pass without a quick ‘head’s up’ to all the Funko Pop! collectors out there, who live in the UK.

High-street toy store, The Entertainer currently has a range of Funko Pop! figures on sale for just £6.99. The figures cover a number of different characters, including fairly recent releases and well known properties.

Amongst the discounted figures are Masters of the Universe, Darkwing Duck, Power Rangers, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, Star War: Rogue One, Batman ’66, Batman: The Animated Series, My Little Pony, WWE, James Bond, Space Jam, Ren & Stimpy, Thor: Ragnarok and more.

All of these figures currently sell for £10.99 in Forbidden Planet and in some cases, £14.99 in HMV(!), but you can get them via The Entertainer for just £6.99! So, if you want to grab a bargain (or an early Christmas present) I’d suggest heading to The Entertainer now!

The figures are all listed on The Entertainer website, although some have already sold out, including the limited edition Masters of the Universe flocked Moss Man which was also selling for £6.99 (£17.99 in Forbidden Planet).

And now for an extra bit of advice…

While the website has sold out of some of the figures, don’t let this put you off going into your nearest store. Today I picked up Beast Man (Masters of the Universe) and the Red Ranger (Power Rangers) each for £6.99. According to the website, the Red Ranger is out of stock, but he was most certainly in stock when I picked him up today!

The rule of thumb at present seems to be that some of the sold out lines are still in stores, you just have to grab them as soon as you see them.

And now you know.

Happy hunting.