Ruby Rose has quit Twitter.

No explanation has been given for the deletion of Rose’s account, but it’s gone.

According to numerous reports, before departing the social media site Rose experienced a great deal of fan backlash regarding Batwoman, the role she will play in a forthcoming episode of Arrow. This has lead many to believe that Rose deleted her account as a result of this backlash.



I feel as if we can’t go a month without so-called ‘fans’ taking to social media to bully actors. Actors who have done nothing other than turn up to an audition, get cast in a role and be excited about the opportunity they have been given.

Social media can be a great thing, allowing fans to get closer to their idols, but it’s also giving too many people the opportunity to just be dicks. It’s happened quite a lot recently with actors associated with Star Wars and it’s becoming unacceptable.

People shouldn’t have to quit Twitter or Instagram in order to distance themselves from the comments and backlash, but it appears to be the only way to escape it. Personally, if I was in the same position, I’d ditch social media too, because who needs that kind of negativity?

Is there a solution to all this?

Who knows? Maybe we just need to go back to the days where studios, networks and actors put out content without any outside contact – basically, cut out the trolls.