Last year’s big budget, Dwayne Johnson-starring, Baywatch movie didn’t set the box-office on fire – it’s true. As such, you probably shouldn’t expect to see a sequel anytime soon.

But if Baywatch is your thing and you’re hankering for some lifeguard action then you might like to know that a new Baywatch TV series is being considered. However, before Baywatch gets a reboot there is one condition – fans and newbies alike need to (re)embrace the old show first.

FreemantleMedia International has recently remastered the original Baywatch show into HD and is currently in the process of shopping it to networks around the world. According to Deadline, all 242 episodes of the show have been converted into high definition, contemporary songs have been added to replace older tracks and the aspect ratio has been switched from 4:3 to 16:9.

The plan is to use the old show to test the waters for a potential reboot. Basically, if there’s enough interest in the remastered edition, then a new series would follow.

FremantleMedia International COO Bob McCourt, said:

“I think we thought the film might have given us reason to reboot the TV series, but given the mixed reviews that didn’t happen straight away. I think if this remastered version is sold extensively and a new audience comes to Baywatch, then it will give us a real indication as to whether a new series could be successful. We would definitely think seriously about making a new series and maybe we’ll get approached by some broadcasters about making one.”

So there you have it – if you want a new Baywatch then you need to embrace the old. Now we just need to see if Netflix or Amazon will pick up the remastered edition.

Oh, like you don’t want to watch Baywatch in HD.