In recent months, when choosing comics, I’ve become rather selective on what I read on a weekly basis. With so many titles available it has become too costly to read them all and I often feel like I’m not getting enough bang for my buck.

Well, that was until recently when I started reading Cosmic Ghost Rider and The Immortal Hulk. Of all Marvel’s books right now, these are the two that are providing me with so much happiness.

Are you reading them?

Not only are the covers to each book worthy of inclusion in an art gallery (something I’ve highlighted previously), but the stories inside are just so damn good too.

Take Cosmic Ghost Rider for instance. The premise to the book is so much fun that I’m only two issues in and I never want it to end.

Frank Castle (aka the Punisher) is the new Ghost Rider, only he’s a Ghost Rider with cosmic powers. With his new-found, space-hopping abilities he decides to kill Thanos while he’s a baby, thus preventing his future self from becoming the scourge of the Marvel Universe.

Thing is, Castle can’t quite bring himself to kill a baby (even if it is Thanos), so instead he decides to take care of the child in order to show him a better way. So far, things are going as bad as you might expect.

Loaded with jokes, great visuals and a super slick character design for GR (seriously, just look at how good that design is), Cosmic Ghost Rider is a must-buy book. I just can’t wait for issue #3, which features a guest appearance from Cable!

Cosmic Ghost Rider Cable

Image: ©Marvel Comics

As for The Immortal Hulk – jeez, I’m loving this title.

Having been ‘killed’ during the events of Civil War II, Bruce Banner aka the Hulk is back only he’s trying to remain under the radar. That would be fine if it wasn’t for the fact that the Hulk has a hard time of remaining inconspicuous.

Oh, and he’s being pursued by a reporter named McGee.

Sound familiar?

It should, The Immortal Hulk features a number of references to the classic Bixby Incredible Hulk TV series and McGee is just one of them.

Is that why I love it?

In part yes, I do love the old Bixby show, but I’m also a fan of The Immortal Hulk because it’s such a good read. Here, the Hulk is being portrayed once again as a creepy monster, which scratches the itch I have to read something a little sinister, plus the action, the drama and the writing is all on point.

What’s not to like?

The Immortal Hulk

Image: Marvel Comics

Cosmic Ghost Rider and The Immortal Hulk are the sorts of books I want to see more of from Marvel – books that look good, that keep my interest and get me excited to pick up the next issue. Plus, I really can’t stop staring at those covers (the image above is taken from the cover of The Immortal Hulk issue #4).

So, is anyone else reading these books? What are your thoughts?