Last week, I talked a little about the possibility of Dark Horse Comics (eventually) losing the right to publish comics based on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Aliens. The reason this might occur is because of the forthcoming Disney/Fox deal, which will see The Walt Disney Company purchasing the TV & film portfolio of 21st Century Fox (which includes Buffy & Aliens).


I’ve previously highlighted some of the properties that Disney could soon own as part of the Fox deal, from The Simpsons and Family Guy to Predator, The Greatest Showman and Die Hard, but there’s another iconic property the Mouse House could soon get its mitts on! Yep, in the not too distant future, Disney could own Batman – well, a piece of him, anyway.

So what piece am I talking about? Perhaps one of the most iconic pieces of all – the ’60s TV show!


While Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc (parent company of DC Comics) owns pretty much all of the media representations of DC characters, there are a couple of exceptions. One of these exceptions is the ’60s Batman TV show, more commonly known now as Batman ’66.

Back when the show was originally made, Batman ’66 was produced by Greenway Productions and 20th Century Fox. To this day – as with the original Star Wars movie from 1977 – Fox still has rights to the show.


In 2014, the distribution of the show switched from 20th Television to Warner Bros. Television Distribution, which is why, after a heck of a lot of pleading from fans, the show finally received a DVD/Blu-ray/digital release. But in order to get to this stage, there were a number of rights issues and agreements to sort out, including getting an agreement from Fox.

At present, the show is still being distributed by Warner Bros. Television Distribution and this arrangement may not change. However, behind the scenes, Fox’s claim to the show withstanding, Disney could eventually welcome it into the fold as part of its forthcoming deal.

Hmm… this kind of situation can only have been caused by one individual – the Clown Prince of Crime himself, the Joker!

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