A Monday morning ‘heads-up’ for y’all, so wipe that sleep out of your eyes and pay attention.

Love, Simon is now available to buy on digital download in the UK!

Yeah, yeah, I know I’ve gone on about this film a lot over the last few months, but that’s because it’s such a great movie. And great movies should be talked about, recommended and championed.

Anyway, should you want to purchase Love, Simon digitally (and you should), well now you can – hurrah! I don’t get any money from this by the way, I’m simply making you aware that the movie is finally out to buy.

If digital download isn’t your thing then Love, Simon will be released on DVD on August 6th (next Monday). Rather bizarrely (and frustratingly) the movie doesn’t seem to be getting a Blu-ray release.

And now you know.