It’s official, we’ve reached the tipping point – In the UK, streaming is now more popular than satellite and cable.

According to BBC News, subscriptions to Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Now TV have now surpassed subscriptions to traditional paid-for TV services, such as Sky, BT and Virgin. Nearly 40% of all UK households subscribe to a streaming service, equating to 15.4 million subscriptions, as opposed to the 15.1 million that subscribe to satellite and cable.

There has also been a drop in traditional TV viewing, with the younger generation watching around 40% less than they did seven years ago. The average age of viewers for TV channels such as BBC One and ITV is now over 60.

So, what do you watch?

Do you subscribe/have access to a streaming service or do you much prefer satellite & cable? And what are your thoughts about traditional TV channels? Do you still watch ITV, BBC etc or do they no longer factor on your radar?

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