This week there have been a lot of stories circulating about the future of the Star Wars standalone movies. The most recent rumblings have it that the movies are still happening, but they may get some tweaks moving forward.

One of these tweaks is possibly a revision when it comes to budgeting the films. To put it simply, future movies may not have the same budget that Rogue One and Solo were given.

A key problem with Solo‘s muted response at the box office in recent weeks is that the film has reportedly struggled to make a decent profit on its outlay. Of course, if the budget wasn’t so high then the film could have afforded to attract less interest.

And this got me thinking…

When it comes to Boba Fett does the film really need a big budget? Surely of all the characters in the Star Wars universe, as a bounty hunter, Fett is the one most suited to a stripped back aesthetic and a smaller (cheaper) cast.

What I’m thinking is that Boba Fett should go down the Dredd (2012) route by presenting a decent story on a very, very small budget. Push for characterisation and story over effects and work with a small, but decent cast.

OK, I appreciate that Dredd wasn’t a huge financial hit at the box office, but its critical reception and its DVD sales suggest that people did like the film, they just never bothered to go and see it when it played on the big screen. I have a feeling more people would show up for Boba Fett and I think a Dredd-style approach would work.

At the end of the day, does every Star Wars movie need to be a grand epic? Can’t some of the stories be simple, small scale adventures?

What do you think?

If Boba Fett was produced as a low budget movie in a similar fashion to Dredd, would you watch it? Thoughts in the comments section please.