Act 1

Scene: Sony Pictures HQ

A group of movie execs are sat around a desk. In the middle of the desk is a hat filled with tiny pieces of paper. The hat has the words ‘Spider-Man Ideas Factory’ written on the side of it.

One of the execs leans over the hat and places his hand inside. He pulls out the piece of paper.

Carefully he opens the piece of paper, then nods. Lowering the paper, he faces his colleagues and says: “Our next non-Spider-Man Spider-Man movie will be…


His colleagues cheer and break into a stirring round of applause. They then crack open a bottle of champagne and take the afternoon off.

End scene

OK, so that might have been a slight fabrication on my part, but doesn’t it kind of feel like this is what’s currently happening over at Sony Pictures – the studio that’s keen to make Spider-Man movies even if they don’t have Spider-Man in them!

Speaking of which, the latest non-Spider-Man movie coming from Sony is Silk! According to Deadline, Sony Pictures and producer, Amy Pascal are developing a Silk picture about Korean-American superheroine Cindy Moon.

Silk joins Venom – due out in October – and Silver & Black – currently on hold – as yet another Spider-Man spin-off movie on Sony’s slate. Non are expected to feature an appearance by Spidey.

As for the wallcrawler himself, he will next be seen in Marvel Studios’ Avengers 4 and the sequel to Spider-Man: Homecoming. Both of these movies are due out next year.