It’s official – an actor has been cast to play the lead role in the forthcoming Spawn reboot.

And the actor is…

Jamie Foxx

Yep, Jamie Foxx.

At the beginning of the month, news circulated that Foxx was in line to take on the role of the comic book anti-hero, but now Deadline has confirmed the news. Blumhouse Productions will produce, while Spawn creator, Todd McFarlane is both the writer and director on the project.


Happy with the choice of actor? Surprised that this movie is ACTUALLY HAPPENING?

Yep, me too.

Last summer at San Diego Comic-Con, Todd McFarlane teased the arrival of a new Spawn movie via a Facebook Live announcement. He said: “Badass, R, it’s coming. Get ready for it, we’re going into production.”

As much as I wanted to believe him, he’s said this before so I was pretty sceptical. Now it seems as if things are moving in the right direction – so let’s just hope it’s a good movie this time!

Spawn has previously been adapted for the big screen in the shape of the AWFUL 1997 live-action Spawn movie which starred Michael Jai White in the title role. If you’ve not seen it, count yourself lucky.

Arguably the best adaptation, was the Spawn animated series which ran for three seasons on HBO during the 1990s. Keith David provided the voice of Spawn/Al Simmons and not only did he do a good job, the show was pretty damn decent too.

So, Jamie Foxx? Yes? No?

Overall yes – but then I get flashes of Electro from The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014) and I worry. I worry a lot.