For a while now we’ve known that The Walt Disney Company is in talks with Fox to buy 21st Century Fox – the movie/TV arm of the business. Said deal would see the Mouse House take control of various high-profile properties including the likes of The Simpsons, Family Guy, The X-Files, Fantastic Four, Deadpool and the X-Men.

Some people are uneasy with the idea of Disney swallowing up yet another company, while others are overjoyed at the prospect of seeing the X-Men and Fantastic Four move to Disney, where they can join the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

But could this deal fall through before it reaches the final hurdle?

It’s possible.

Comcast – the cable TV giant – is interested in sweeping up Fox’s TV & movie content via a pretty sizeable offer. According to the BBC, Comcast is working on an all-cash offer to rival the proposed Disney deal, which itself is reportedly worth $52.4bn.

Will Comcast succeed? At this stage it’s unclear, but it’s very possible.

What is clear is that even if Fox does stick with Disney, the deal itself will still have to be given the official go-ahead from regulators. There is a genuine concern about a media giant amassing too many properties, so this will be the real deciding factor in this story.

More details when they emerge.