Last night I talked a little more about Solo: A Star Wars Story and at the end of my post I noted that now would be a good time for a big Star Wars announcement. Well… there’s not been a big Star Wars announcement, but there is some Star Wars news that is worth getting excited about.

According to Variety, the on again, off again Boba Fett movie is back on. But perhaps more importantly, Logan director, James Mangold is linked to the project.

That’s pretty exciting news, right?

Could we be up for an R-rated Logan-style bounty hunter movie?

It is believed that writer/producer, Simon Kinberg is also attached to the project, but there’s no word on what role he will take.

Lucasfilm/Disney have not confirmed this story, so for now it’s best to take it with a pinch of salt. However, as we know that Lucasfilm/Disney have tried to get a Boba Fett movie off the ground previously, there’s a strong possibility this news will pan out.