Are you a fan of LEGO BrickHeadz?

Love Ghostbusters?

Then prepare to have your wildest dreams brought to life – LEGO is releasing a set of Ghostbusters BrickHeadz.

I know, right?

Two BrickHeadz have been announced so far: Peter Venkman and Slimer.

Lego Ghostbusters
Image: ©LEGO/Columbia Pictures

As you can see from the image above, the Venkman BrickHeadz figure is a ‘slimed’ version of Venkman, depicting his look from 1984’s Ghostbusters (as well as various episodes of The Real Ghostbusters). Meanwhile, Slimer comes complete with food, because… well… he’s Slimer!

No release date has been announced for these just yet, although it’s more than likely they will drop in time for Halloween. LEGO are advising you keep an eye on their website – and what a lovely website it is too.

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