X-Files fans, listen up: The X-Files is no more.

Or at least, there are no plans for anymore episodes of the show from Fox.

Fox Television CEO and Chairman Gary Newman confirmed the news (via Entertainment Weekly) when asked specifically if the series would return. He said: “There are no plans to do another season at the moment.”

While this could mean there’s simply no new X-Files for the 2018/2019 TV season, it seems pretty much a safe bet that the show is now done for good. Specifically done as far as Fox is concerned.


With Disney taking over Fox properties as of next year and Gillian Anderson having previously ruled out a return to the series, this news suggests we’ve really come to the end.

Anyone surprised?

As a HUGE fan of The X-Files I have to say that I felt the most recent season played out as if it was intended to be the definitive end. Yes, I know that X-Files creator, Chris Carter remains insistence there are more stories to tell, but he always says that.

While I wasn’t a huge fan of the final episode, I really do feel it’s right to leave the series where it is. Mulder and Scully were the heart of the show and continuing the series without Anderson just wouldn’t feel right.


Plus, we’ve had 25 years of stories, including two movies. All of the storylines have been wrapped up on screen and the last few years of the show have also helped Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny come to the realisation that they quite like each other as people – isn’t that enough?

Thoughts? Do you think that this is truly the end?

Sound off in the comments section.

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