Earlier this evening, I posted news that actress Margot Kidder had passed away. The former Superman star – known for playing Lois Lane to Christopher Reeve’s Superman – died at her home at the age of 69.

To say I am sad at the news of Kidder’s passing is an understatement. I am a HUGE – and I mean HUGE – fan of Superman and in particular the Superman movie series.

For me Kidder was a fantastic Lois Lane – really embodying the characteristics of the plucky reporter. In fact, for an entire generation (and then some) Kidder WAS Lois Lane.

Even years after her time in the role was over, the part never left her. Why? Because she was just so damn good as Lois!

In recent years, Kidder’s role as Lois ensured she become a familiar face on the comic con circuit. It was here, many years ago, I was fortunate enough to meet her.

Margot Kidder

As with all convention ‘meets’ the experience involved a bit of queuing, a brief moment in which I nervously stood at a table waiting for a 10″ x 4″ photo to be signed and then some careful manoeuvring to make sure I didn’t smudge the signature. Of course, that was just the logistics of the situation – the highlight was the delight in knowing I’d just met Lois Lane!


This was the Lois Lane that got to interview Superman.

This was the Lois Lane that was unsure of how many ‘t’s there were in the word ‘bloodletting’.

This was the Lois Lane that punched out Ursa in the Fortress of Solitude.

And this was the Lois Lane that caused Superman to spin the Earth on its axis!

There have been many, many great Lois Lanes over the years, from Teri Hatcher and Dana Delany to Noel Neill and Erica Durance. All of these actresses have made the part their own and have given a voice to the comic book character.

But there has only ever been one truly great movie Lois. That was Margot Kidder.

She will be missed.