On Monday in the UK, The Greatest Showman makes its debut on DVD & Blu-ray. The movie – which has been available to buy digitally for a few weeks already – will be available from all good stores up and down the UK.

So, with the film now just days away from a full home video release, The Greatest Showman has officially concluded its cinematic run, right?


Should you still want to go and see The Greatest Showman at the cinema this weekend, you can! Selected cinemas are still playing the movie.

Busy over the weekend? Not quite ready to invest in the DVD? No worries, the movie will still be on at some cinemas next week!

The Greatest Showman cinema

Doing a quick check of my local Vue cinema I can see that The Greatest Showman is playing up until at least Wednesday (the last day before listings get updated). So, should you want to go watch the movie on the big screen, then pop to the shop on your way home to pick up the DVD, next week is the week to do it!

The staying power of The Greatest Showman in the UK is incredible. To date, UK audiences have contributed more than $63 million to the movie’s overall box office total of $431,888,558.

Of course, this forthcoming week will most likely be the last week of The Greatest Showman‘s big screen run in the UK. However, the film will still be getting a number of big(gish) screen showings at various outdoor cinemas/events throughout the summer, so this isn’t quite the end.