OK, so if you’re still reading then I can only presume you have now watched Avengers: Infinity War. What did you think?

It’s good, right?

I’ll level with you – while I love Marvel Studios movies, I’ve always found the Avengers entries to be a little underwhelming. Too many characters, too much going on, not enough character work etc etc. Going into Avengers: Infinity War I figured I’d be in for more of the same, but thankfully  that wasn’t the case. In fact, I felt the characters were balanced very well, giving everyone a fair share of screen time, while the plot points and storylines all played out well.

Ten years of world building and character development is the reason that this film works as well as it does. If characters aren’t on screen for lengthy periods of time it doesn’t matter, because every character in this movie is important and your attention is refocused when someone steps out of the spotlight.

The biggest surprise of the movie? Just how much I liked Thanos as a villain. I had big concerns that after teasing Thanos for so long Infinity War would drop the ball, but again that wasn’t the case.

As with Killmonger (Black Panther), Kilgrave (Jessica Jones) and Wilson Fisk (Daredevil), Thanos proved to be another well-rounded villain with a motive that… well… kind of made sense. Hey, I’m not trying to say that wiping out half the universe is a good idea, but in terms of making Thanos a credible villain his motivation – and his reasoning – suited the epic scale of the movie.

Which brings me onto the film’s status as an epic. Yep, there’s no doubt this is an epic movie and a movie unlike anything that has come before. The ambition and delivery are so equally balanced that you simply have to hand it to Marvel Studios for getting this film made and then making it such a success.

This movie deserves all the praise it’s getting. It deserves all the hype. It is a movie that should have everyone talking because it really is that good. It is a movie that should have lines around the block, with people queuing to see it. THIS MOVIE IS WHAT GOING TO THE CINEMA SHOULD BE ABOUT – A MUST-SEE EVENT!

Does it put pressure on next year’s Avengers 4? Hell yeah, but it also fills you with a sense of confidence that the next Avengers movie will be equally as good – if not better.

So let’s talk about everything that worked:

  • I really enjoyed the links back to past Marvel movies, such as the cameo that referenced The Incredible Hulk (2008)/Civil War (2016) and that surprise cameo that connected with Captain America: The First Avenger (2011). Did anyone expect that?
  • I felt that Thor’s interaction with the Guardians – especially with Star-Lord – was a joy to watch. Should Chris Hemsworth continue playing Thor beyond the next Avengers movie, then surely a spot on the Guardians team would be a no-brainer?
  • Tony Stark’s storyline worked well and matched up with where the character is at this point in his journey. Stark has gone from being brash and self-involved to being a leader and soon-to-be husband. His concern about being a father played into his interactions with Spider-Man and in particular created a huge emotional pay off during the grand finale. *Sobs* I’m still getting over that part.
  • Unlike previous Marvel movies, the Scarlet Witch/Vision storyline felt note perfect and finally gave Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany something a bit more meaty to do. Their story was heartfelt and honest – I loved it. I really hope we get more from these characters in the future.
  • I loved the fact that once again, the female characters were brought to the forefront and shown to be equals to the male leads. From Gamora and Scarlet Witch to Shuri and Okoye, the female characters were so strong, so powerful and such a joy to watch. Again more of this please! Marvel Studios has had huge criticism in the past for the way it handles its female characters, but recently with the introduction of Black Panther and now Infinity War, things are really starting to even out. Marvel Studios takes criticism, addresses it and turns things around. Good stuff.
  • Of course a couple of characters were missing from the events of Infinity War, although their absence was addressed, but it didn’t feel like they were missing. I don’t mean that in a bad way – I feel like they will play important roles in the next movie, so their absence now will have its own reward next year when the events of this movie are picked up again.

And then that brings me to the big part of the movie – the thing that everyone will be talking about – THAT ENDING!

There was a moment, just as Thanos appeared in Wakanda where I genuinely thought things were going to go a completely different way. Of course, they didn’t but I didn’t mind – in fact, I loved the way this movie ends and that’s for two reasons

1) The ending gives the film an Empire Strikes Back-style vibe, leaving the audience hanging until events are picked up next summer. Great storytelling!

2) The post-credit scene offers hope. BIG hope.

All-in-all I loved Infinity War and I genuinely believe it is a movie which promises something and then delivers exactly what it says it will. It’s difficult to find anything negative to say about the movie.

Is it the best Marvel Studios movie? No – Guardians of the Galaxy (2014), Ant-Man (2015), Thor: Ragnarok (2017) and Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014) are all better movies, but that doesn’t matter, this film doesn’t set out to be the best Marvel movie, it just wants to be a good one.

Marvel Studios continues to lead the way forward and all other studios should make note – this is the way to engage with your audience. This is what you can achieve when you build your world at a steady pace.

I can’t wait for the next Marvel Studios’ movies: Ant-Man and the Wasp, Captain Marvel and Avengers 4. Bring ’em on!